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IAHA Hosts 2nd Annual HFTC in Canberra - 27 November 2014

The 2nd Indigenous Allied Health Australia HealthFusion Team Challenge (IAHA HFTC) was held November 23 – 26 2014 at the IAHA Conference, Canberra.

The IAHA HFTC is a learning experience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health students, designed to educate the nation’s next generation of health care professionals in collaborative client care.

Students registered ahead of the IAHA Conference to compete in the IAHA HFTC and were randomly allocated into interprofessional teams. Working together over two days with the guidance of Profession Mentors, the teams developed a management plan for a complex case study, which centered on the palliative care of cancer patient “Gloria”.

During the Heats, each team presented their plan to a panel of expert judges and responded to a number of extension questions and activities under time conditions. The judges then selected two teams to progress to the Final Showdown where the two teams re-presented their management plans and responded to an extension question.

The team that demonstrated the greatest mastery of teamwork and communication throughout the course of the event was declared the winner and 2014 IAHA HFTC Champion.

The 2014 IAHA HFTC Champions was team “G-Mack”, which included Ashleigh Hull (mental health), Kirsty Nichols (Occupational Therapy), Gabriel Oth (Exercise Science), Celeste Brand (Social Work) and Maddison Adams (Podiatry).

Well done to runners-up “The Avengers”. Honourable mentions go to the other three incredible teams: “Stabilo Bosses”, “Black Pink Power Rangers” and “5 Nations”.

Media enquires: Stephanie Castaneda (nee Dunn), HFTC Project Manager, on hftc@qut.edu.au or 07 3138 7350.

The 2014 IAHA HFTC Participants
The 2014 IAHA HFTC Participants