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Terms and Conditions

Guidelines for submitting a team to a HealthFusion Team Challenge

Teams must contain a minimum of four and a maximum of six students.
There must only be one of each professional discipline represented in each team
There may be any combination of health disciplines in each team.
Universities may partner with other universities if they do not have enough health disciplines to submit a team independently.
All students that wish to participate in the HFTC must be enrolled in a health science course or degree in the same calendar year as the competition they wish to participate in. Students that have graduated previous to the current year and have entered into full time employment or are currently enrolled in a pre-registration program are not eligible to compete.
Due to the complexity of the material covered in the HFTC, students participating in the event should be in the senior years of their undergraduate study with the following exceptions: 1) Graduate Entry Masters students; 2) Psychology students enrolled in up to their second year of clinical masters or doctorate program.
An expression of interest to participate must be submitted by Universities or groups wanting to participate to hctc@uq.edu.au by the closing date for submissions to the competition. See competition details for dates.