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Start a HealthFusion Team Challenge at your university

The HealthFusion Team Challenge provides leading-edge IPE while offering students real life practice in interprofessional team-based problem solving for improved client care. In addition, the competition stimulates student motivation and engagement. Backed by rigorous research, the HealthFusion Team Challenge will play an important role in developing a new quality of healthcare professional.

The event enhances existing’ knowledge of roles and value of other health professions as well as their attitudes towards working in interprofessional teams and overcomes structural barriers through an innovative extra-curricula strategy. And, importantly, the HFTC is a lot of fun for participants.

Universities competing in a HealthFusion Team Challenge require a committed academic team to drive the competition.

The benefits of being involved in HFTC include:

Help to improve the quality of client care in Australia and New Zealand;
Create professional networks with other academics;
The opportunity to present and publish IPE research; and
Involvement in a recognised IPE initiative.

For more in-depth information, please refer to our list of publications.


Start a HealthFusion Team Challenge at your workplace or conference

The HFTC is not just for students. This immersive and transformative learning activity can also become an important addition to your workplace or conference's existing list of ice-breaker and professional development events. HealthFusion provides a fully supported consultation service aimed at tailoring and supporting the development of a HFTC targeted towards your needs and priorities.

To register your interest for this service, contact the HFTC Project Manager via hftc@qut.edu.au.