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How the HFTC Works

Step 1: Form an academic advisory team

University health care educators form an academic advisory team (AAT). The AAT consists of representatives from each of the health disciplines that are intended to be involved in your University’s HFTC. The AAT helps develop a complex clinical case that requires an interprofessional approach. The ATT also nominates mentors from their profession to assist students in the HFTC.

Step 2: Select student teams

Student teams of four to six students, from mixed professional disciplines, are recruited by members of the AAT. These students may be selected individually by the ATT or students can be invited to register their interest in participating in the event.

Step 3: Student teams prepare management plans

The student teams are given a clinical case up to four weeks prior to the public event and are instructed to develop a management plan with support available from the ATT-selected mentors.

Step 4: The event

Following an opening presentation from an interprofessional expert, each team is given five minutes to present their initial plan to the audience and judging panel. The teams are then given a further five minutes to work on a modified plan after receiving extension information and a further five minutes to present it orally.

After each team has presented their original and modified plans the judging panel determines the winning team and presents the prizes.

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