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About Interprofessional Education

About Interprofessional Education

The value of collaborative interprofessional practice in health care is recognised on a global scale. Governments across the UK, the US and Canada have noted the strengths of teamwork as a mechanism for the delivery of efficient quality health services. Likewise Australian leaders in health and education are promoting a greater emphasis on interprofessional training, teamwork and collaboration of health professionals.

The 2006 Productivity Commission Report stated that University-based education needs to adjust to the demands of those receiving and delivering health care in order to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce 1. However, the majority of students still receive most of their professional education in uni-professional programs with limited exposure to their colleagues from other professional backgrounds.

Targeted innovative opportunities are clearly needed to provide exposure to and immersion in IPE, which allow students to learn alongside their peers from other health backgrounds.

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